Tick Awareness


March is Tick Awareness Month in Canada, but of course this is Saskatchewan; we were still skiing out at the River Ridge Trails in March.

But, now that the snow is gone and the weather is warmer, Wood Ticks (Dermacentor Andersoni) are present. Here are some tools to help avoid ticks when at the River Ridge Trails…

First, take a look at this handy dandy Tick Map online with valuable information about the likelihood of ticks in our area.

Remember to wear appropriate clothing when ticks may be present, long pants, tucked into socks, closed toe shoes, and consider using a tick repellant on both yourself and your pets.

Check yourself and companions for ticks when you come off the trails, preferably before getting into your vehicle. Also keep a tick removal kit in your pack, and read up on how to remove ticks properly. You can also print out a “How To Check For Ticks” card for your wallet.

Finally, share this information. As the COVID pandemic continues more and more people are heading outdoors. You can help spread the word about Tick Awareness at River Ridge Trails by sharing this post.